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Independent Medical Evaluations Metro Vancouver

Helping Personal Injury Law Firms with Complexities: Complex Pain – Psychiatry – Headache/Head Injury

Best personal injury law medical doctor in Vancouver BC.

Our Independent Medical Evaluation services and Review of Independent Medical Evaluation services have historically been used by large personal injury law firms who wish a Medical Legal Opinion or wish help with reviewing independent medical evaluations performed by Psychiatrists, Physiatrists, Orthopaedic Surgeons , Primary Care Physicians, and other specialists and Allied Health Professionals.  We provide consultant services for both plaintiff or defence law firms representing ICBC matters , auto insurers and Life and Health Disability Insurers.

Our Independent Medical Evaluator Dr. Manoj Singhal MD has practiced as a primary care physician but also as a GP-consultant in many overlapping areas very relevant to Personal Injury. We find these unique skill sets are very much needed by Personal Injury Law firms. The medical issues in personal injury that are seen in juxtaposition often involve expertise in Psychiatry, Chronic Pain and Head injury or headache.

Our core competencies and area of value add services is in providing confident input or diagnoses when there is overlap of Psychiatry issues , Chronic Pain issues and Head injury or headache.

Many Law Firms request IME’s from full time Independent Medical Evaluator practitioners with little current clinical practices. These assessors may be experienced professionals within their respective fields of expertise and in good standing with their respective colleagues and regulatory bodies. Subspecialists in Orthopedic Surgery may find difficulty in assessing Medical or Psychiatric issues such as depression or chronic pain issues if there is not a surgical indication. Psychiatrists may use the DSM-5 to provide diagnoses but may find difficulty when overlapping head injury or pain are issues.

dr.manoj_-184x300Our Independent Medical Evaluator Dr. Singhal has been  practicing in Family Practice since 1996.  In addition to full service family practice coverage he practiced in primary care addiction medicine(early in his career), consultant GP-physiatry (rehabilitation medicine) at a Chronic Active Pain Rehabilitation Centre and consultant adult and geriatric GP-Psychiatry ( Four Mental Health Centres). Dr.Singhal also is a regional provider for Botox for Chronic Migraine Headache and does assess headaches routinely. He has provided medical services to patients in many different settings including urban, rural, inner city (Downtown Eastside Vancouver), and prisons. Dr. Singhal was a select member of the BC Ministry of the Attorney General’s on-call Rota for British Columbian Provincial Prisons. He has been a prosecutor and panel expert in Quasi-Judicial Psychiatry Review Panel hearings at Riverview Hospital and Vancouver General Hospital.

In addition to having an active clinical practice Dr. Singhal is a speaker/lecturer to other physician colleagues for Continuing Medical Education events. Dr.Singhal completed a four year term as a physician examiner for the Medical Council of Canada. Dr.Singhal is available for Independent Medical Evaluations and review of Independent Medical Evaluations for third parties such as Law Firms, Insurance Companies and other third parties.

All reports are prepared as though the case were going to trial and, when given ample notice,our assessor is readily available as a witness for trial or arbitration. Our Assessor is also available for pre and post assessment phone consultations with the referral source upon request.

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