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Clients / Patients, ICBC Adjustors and Personal Injury Lawyer Journeys:

Clients / Patients, ICBC Adjustors and Personal Injury Lawyer Journeys:

personal-injury-vancouver-image1People in MVCs/ MVAs (Motor Vehicle Collisions / Motor Vehicle Accidents) often suffer pain issues. There may be obvious symptoms to patients, ICBC adjustors and Personal Injury Law Firms. Patients may follow algorithmic care of seeing Primary Care Physicians and ancillary Health Care providers such as Physiotherapists or Massage Therapists. Moreover, alternative practitioners such as Chiropractors or Naturopaths may be involved in their models of diagnoses and their models of treatments.

Reassurances or Treatments with or without standard medical diagnoses may follow. Patients may not improve and may be seen through simple lenses. Often patients with mystery as to why they may not be improving and through their journey may not have a medical history taken nor physical exam with differential diagnoses and standard treatment plans.

psychiatry-vancouverPatients with complex multiple issues of Pain, Psychiatry, head injury or symptoms may end up having evaluations by IME (Independent Medical Evaluator) practitioners with Specialty or Subspecialty designations in one particular narrow branch of practice. Psychiatrists with knowledge and experience in Psychiatric diagnoses may provide Personal Injury Lawyers with interpretations of Diagnoses from the Psychiatric perspectives based on the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Psychiatric Disorders). Pertinent parts of the diagnostic puzzle may not be addressed and the patient and Personal Injury Law firm may be confused. Orthopedic Surgeons may give their diagnostic impressions largely in the context if surgery is required or not. Physiatrists or Primary Care physicians may suggest the patient be assessed by a Psychiatrist.

The Buck Stops Here:

head-injury-vancouverWe have been reviewing IME’s from multiple practitioners for years and advising larger Law Firms who are involved in teaching to personal injury lawyers. Our feedback has been very positive and we are confident we can continue to help with our Independent Medical Evaluations and Review of Independent Medical Evaluations. Please let us know if we can be of help.