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Dr. Manoj Singhal BSc. (Pharm), MD, CCFP, CAFCI

Helping Personal Injury Law Firms with Complexities: Complex Pain – Psychiatry – Headache/Head Injury

Psychiatry doctor in Vancouver BC.Psychiatry: Dr Singhal was hired by Riverview Hospital in 1996 to assess Geriatric Psychiatry patients for Internal Medicine issues. In juxta position, Dr Singhal was a prosecutor and review Panel GP-psychiatry expert at Vancouver Hospital (Tertiary Psychiatry Centre) and Riverview Hospital (Quaternary Psychiatry Centre). In 1997, Dr Singhal started Full time Consultancy GP-Psychiatry with four Mental Health Centres providing thorough consultant assessment and psychiatry treatments. Dr Singhal transitioned to Full time Family Practice in 2000. From 2008-2015, Dr Singhal had chronic disease registered nurses involved in his FP clinic with his Associates to enhance Psychiatry Assessments of Patients in juxta position to assessing Internal Medicine issues and complex pain issues. Dr Singhal started speaking as an expert in psychiatry issues in 1996 and continues speaking to attending Physicians and Psychiatrists. Dr Singhal has provided GP-Psychiatry Consultancy services to the BC Ministry of Health as a trusted resource for reviewing Psychiatry issues and therapeutic recommendations with literature reviews.

Chronic pain in Vancouver BC.Chronic/Complex Pain: Dr Singhal started in a particular Consultancy GP-Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation role as clinical team leader of a multidisciplinary team in 1997 with Columbia Chronic Active Pain Rehabilitation: a pain Rehabilitation programme in Vancouver BC. He prepared consultancy reports largely to Worksafe BC and to other private third parties.  Medical Specialists in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation have expertise in the diagnosis of persons with complex trauma, spinal cord injury, acquired brain injury, neurological disorders, general medicine disorders, amputation, arthritis, soft tissue injuries, and musculoskeletal pain syndromes. There may be variability in particular skills within the field of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Over the years Dr Singhal has gained experience and interests in complex chronic disease issues and chronic non cancer pain. Dr Singhal has routinely assessed pain conditions in the family practice setting since 2000. From 2008-2015, Dr Singhal involved chronic disease nurses to help in assessing complex chronic pain patients, and to initiate and continue with complex treatment plans. He has remained a resource to his associate physicians with issues of complex pain. In 2014, Dr Singhal was offered a consultancy position with BC Women’s Hospital complex chronic disease Programme with their tertiary consultancy programme. Dr Singhal has decided to continue with providing complex pain assessments within his group family practice setting while providing consultancy services to private third parties.

Concussion traumatic injury icon design. Brain injury medical symbol concept Headache/Head Injury: Dr Singhal is a trained regional provider of Botox to treat chronic migraine. He has given continuing medical education presentations to physicians in headache assessment differential diagnosis and pharmacological management of migraine. Other headaches and head injuries are needed to be considered in the differential diagnosis of head pain symptoms especially when there is a history of MVC (Motor Vehicle Collision) /MVA (Motor Vehicle Accident).  Migraine and headaches are commonly co-morbid conditions with Psychiatric Conditions or chronic pain conditions such as Fibromyalgia.  With MVC (Motor Vehicle Collision) /MVA (Motor Vehicle Accident) patients it is often imperative that Independent Medical Evaluators have at least a reasonable background in headache/head injury assessment or large pieces of the clinical picture may be missing or multiple Independent Medical Evaluator practitioners may be needed to provide fragmented opinions.

Dr.Manoj Singhal BSc.(Pharm.),MD,CCFP,CAFCI

Feb. 2000-Present Family Practice Services/Chief Administrator/President Ironwood Medical Clinic
July 2010- Present Fall 2012 2012- 2015 2012-Present 2011- 2012 1997-2015 Province of British Columbia / University of British Columbia Clinical Practice Drug Reviewer Interview Committee Richmond Hospital Physician member for Chronic Disease Nurse RN positions Richmond Division of Family Practice Board Member Vancouver Coastal Health- E Mental Health / Online Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Committee ( Vancouver Hospital – Tertiary Psychiatry Centre) Richmond Integrated Primary and Community Care Methadone Physician (Primary Care Addiction Medicine)
1997-1999 Physician Services+ Telephone On-Call Rota Service for  British Columbian Prisons  Surrey Pre-Trial Correctional Institution Medicine Provincial Attorney General Correctional Facilities
Feb. 1998-Mar. 2000 Adult and Geriatric Psychiatry Consultancy Based Practice Surrey Mental Health Centers
Sept. 1997-Mar. 2000 Adult Psychiatry Consultancy Based Practice Surrey Mental Health Centers, Delta Mental Health Centre, Richmond Mental Health Centre
1997 1997-1999 Columbia Chronic Active Pain Rehabilitation Centre Consultancy Based Practice -Multidisciplinary Chronic Active Pain Program me Inner City Sessional Practice – Addiction Medicine/Primary CareVancouver Native Health Society
Sept. 1996-1998 Prosecutor/Panel Expert-Vancouver Hospital/ Riverview Hospital Psychiatry Review Panel (Quasi Judicial Tribunals)
Aug.-Nov. 1996 Geriatric Medicine/Geriatric Psychiatry Medical Practice Riverview Tertiary/Quaternary Psychiatry Hospital
1996-1998 Various General Practice Positions (Urban, Suburban, Rural) Office based plus hospital positions / Obstetrics in 1996
1996-1999 Hospital In-house Call: St.Mary’s Hospital; St.Vincent’s Hospital; Mount St.Joseph’s Hospital (inclusive of ICU Responsibilities)
1993 University of Alberta : Medical Students Association Vice President Finance
1990 ( 2-4 yr term) Alberta Medical Association: Constitution and Bylaw Committee Member


1994-1996 Family Practice Residency (CCFP) University of Alberta
1990-1994 M.D.  University of Alberta
1985-1990 B.Sc. (Pharm.) University of British Columbia ***Business Administration / Management Elective Year ***
November 2013-May 2014 Simon Fraser University / Beedie School of Business Executive Leadership and Management Development Program


June 22,2016 A Patient centred Approach to Depression: Facilitator/ Speaker for Lundbeck . New Depression medication Trintillex
June 13,2016 Reviewed literature and made recommendations to BC Ministry of health as GP-Psychiatry expert for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
September 2015-February 2016 Pod Call Leader  in Communication Modules: Dealing with Difficult Patients
November 17,2015 “Treating More than MOOD: Evolving approaches for Improving Outcomes in  Major Depression” Expert Speaker as Family Physician with enhanced skills in Psychiatry Sponsored by Lundbeck
October 29,2014 Chronic Migraine and Botox therapy: Speaker for Allergan- Discussed many different types of headaches, differential diagnoses and treatment ( Acute and Prophylactic) . Some complex clinical vignettes presented from real cases. CHOP-Richmond, BC
May14,2014,Oct ,Dec 2014 Child and Youth Mental Health Series  –GP Champion Co-Speaker with Child Psychiatrist Dr.Elizabeth Baerg-Hall with Practice Support Programme of Doctors of BC Educating Family Physicians and Paediatrians / School Counselors
April 30,2014 Physician Support Program me ( Doctors of BC) Pain Management Provincial Train the Trainer 2: Chronic Pain-Participant
February 18,2014 Inspire:Optimizing Management of Asthma in Primary Care/COPD/Spirometry-Speaker at CHOP , Richmond BC
December 5,2013 Physician Support Program me ( BCMA) Musculoskeletal Train the Trainer: Chronic Pain-Participant
November 13,2013 Inspire : Optimizing the Management of Asthma in Primary Care Chart Review Data  Collection in Outcome Goals
November 1,2013 Advisory Board Participant : Diabetes 2 Janssen
September 2013 Physician Support Program me ( BCMA) Musculoskeletal Train the Trainer: Osteo Arthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Low Back Pain
February 6,2013 Round Table Speaker Complex Psychiatry and Chronic Pain Presented Real Clinical Cases with Outcome Change / Lead Discussion as an Expert. Eli Lilly Sponsored at Quattro Vancouver
June 9,2012 Faculty for Advisory Board Meeting : Seroquel XR — Vancouver BC,Canada Presented Advanced clinical case(s)- Psychiatry (Treatment Resistant Depression)
March – June 2012 Physician Champion Insulin Initiation – 7 hours training (with full staff and Chronic Disease Nurse) 2 sessions. Endocrinologist Dr.B.Paty
October 2011, Jan.2012 Train the Trainer Child and Youth Mental Health sessions  Training Sessions to moderate Modules for the Teaching of Child and Youth Psychiatry to Physicians. ( Chaired by Dr.Stan Kutcher Child and Youth Psychiatrist)
Fall 2007-2011 Physician Examiner Medical Council of Canada
November 8,2011 MOOD 2: Advanced Management / Assessment of Unipolar Depression: Astra Zeneca Facilitator/Speaker “MDD” Mandalay Steakhouse ,  Richmond BC
September 2011 Lyrica Chronic Pain Advisory Board Meeting : Vancouver BC
September 2011  Assessing Asthma in Primary Care Practice. Speaker in Peer to Peer Updating in Asthma Guidelines. Tramonto  Restaurant: Richmond, BC
August 2011 20 Hours Review and Testing Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Tools for input into Curriculum Planning to teach Vancouver BC Primary Care Physicians
June 24,2011 Cymbalta Advisory Board Meeting. Areas of Complex Pain, Low Back Pain. Westin Calgary.
June 7,2011 Complex Psychiatry and Pain Roundtable Expert Speaker for Lundbeck presenting complex Psychiatry and Pain clinical cases. Chop Boardroom.
May 25,2011 Special Invited Guest from Eli Lilly for round table of Regional Psychiatry Consultants due to Outcome excellence in Psychiatry and Pain Clinical Cases. Gotham Restaurant
May 6,2011 Major Depression Consultancy Group:  Pfizer Advisory Board Meeting:
May 4,2011  Migraine Advisory Board Meeting: Johnson and Johnson
December 2010 Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy in the Primary Care Setting : Glaxo Facilitator/Speaker “BPH” La Belle Au Berge
November 2010 MOOD: Management of Unipolar Depression: Astra Zeneca Facilitator/Speaker “MDD” Tramonto Richmond BC
November 2010 Pain Management 2010: Benefits of Tramadol with Contramid Technology: Review of Canadian Guidelines for safe and effective use of Opioids in Chronic Non-Cancer Pain. Consultancy Group: Paladin
November 2010 Assessing Cardiovascular Targets: Astra Zeneca Facilitator/Speaker “Cardiovascular Targets” Tramonto Richmond BC
July 2010- Present Province of British Columbia / University of British Columbia Clinical Practice Drug Reviewer
February 2010 Major Depression / Generalized Anxiety / Chronic Pain Syndromes Dr.M.Singhal’s Case Presentations as Moderator / Speaker for Speaker (Reproductive Psychiatry )Dr.Shaila Misri : Wyeth : Chop Steak and Fish Bar
October 2009 Diabetes Mellitus Type 2 Consultancy Group: Glaxo Smith Kline
June 2009 June 2009Feb.2009 Gastro esophageal Reflux Disease  Consultancy Group: Nycomed Improving Functional Outcomes and Adherence in Depression: Co-Speaker with Dr.A.D. Goumeniouk : WyethSeason’s In The Park Peer to Peer GI/ GERD Practice Reflective Program: Astra ZenecaFacilitator/Speaker “GERD”La Belle Au Berge
June 2008 Asthma Consultancy Group: GlaxoSmithKline
April 2008 Depression Consultancy Group:  Lundbeck Canada
March 2008 Genital Herpes Consultancy Group: GlaxoSmithKline
December 2004 Role-Play For GlaxoSmithKline  representative training for GOAL (*Gaining Optimal Asthma Control ) Study
October 2004 Physician Leadership Advisory Panel: Day long focus group for GlaxoSmithKline on Mood and Anxiety Disorders
September 2004 Focus Group meeting for AstraZeneca on Cholesterol and Statins


June 2004 Facilitator/Speaker “Type 2 Diabetes: Nutritional First Aid” Morton’s Steak House Sponsored by Abbott-Ross
November 2003 Facilitator/Speaker “Nutrition in Elderly Patients: The Clinical Challenge” Sponsored by Abbott Laboratories
July 2003 Continuing Medical Education Consultant Glaxo-Smithe Kline
December 2001 “Men’s Sexual Health and Andropause Lecture 2” Open to the Public Ironwood Medical Clinic Sponsored by Organon (Akzo Nobel)
November 2001 “Men’s Sexual Health and Andropause Lecture 1” Open to the Public Ironwood Medical Clinic Sponsored by Organon (Akzo Nobel)
October 2001 Facilitated “Asthma: Diagnosis Module” 3 Mainpro-C Credits – Program reviewed by the College of Family Physicians of Canada 3 hour working dinner at Seasons in the Park Restaurant Respirologist Specialist: Pierce Wilcox MD
March 2001 “Acute Exacerbation of Chronic Bronchitis in Family Medicine”La Gavroche Restaurant Ironwood Medical Clinic Journal Club Sponsored by Pfizer
November 2000 “Migraine Headaches: Hope Study Evidence Based Medicine (Blood Pressure/CAD/CVD and Treatment)” Il Giardino Restaurant Sponsored by Merck Frosst
March 2000 “Cultural Issues in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Major Depression” Richmond Hospital Rounds Sponsored by Lundbeck
October 1999 “Atypical vs. Typical Antipsychotics” Delta Hospital Rounds Sponsored by Eli Lilly
October 1999 “Dual Diagnosis (Psychiatric Disorders and Drug Addiction)” Televised on Delta Cable Sponsored by Canadian Mental Health Association – Delta Branch Audio-Visuals sponsored by Eli Lilly


Fall 2012 Jan. 2009-Dec.2009 Nov.08-Jan.2009 Impact Study: Improving Patient Glycemic Control through Improved Treatment:  Basal and Bolus Insulin Patient Study for Optimal Diabetes Outcomes in Target Goals Confidence II Hypertension Study: Servier Peer to Peer GI/ GERD Practice Reflective Program: Astra Zeneca
Sept.2004-June 2005 SIMPLE STUDY Merck Frosst Asthma Study
July 2004-July 2005 Elated Erectile Dysfunction StudyGlaxo-Bayer
June 2004-Dec. 2005 Longitudinal Outcomes Study of Gastrointestinal Symptoms in Canada  (LOGIC) Novartis
June 2004-Dec. 2004 Cialis Study Eli Lilly
March-May 2004 Asthma Management in the Primary Care Setting Personal Practice Assessment ProgramGlaxo-Smithe Kline
Sept.2003-Mar.2004 Clinical Trials – TOP Investigator Erectile Dysfunction Post-Marketing Study Pfizer
Sept.-Dec.2003 GERD –Patient Enrolled Study Astra-Zeneca
2003-2004 Pediatric Asthma-Patient Enrolled Study McNeill
Sept.-Dec.2003 Urinary Tract Infection – Patient Enrolled Study Bayer
Mar.2003 Diabetes Mellitus Patient Enrolled Study Servier
2002 Acute Sinusitis Patient Enrolled Study Schering